Fürstliches Christkind

Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt auf Schloss Thurn und Taxis Regensburg

Every evening, there is a wonderful tradition at the “Romantic Christmas Market”: the “Christkind” appears in a dreamlike robe out of clouds on a balcony above the visitors, greets the guests with a poem, slips away with a sweeping gesture and spreads sparkling stardust: This beautiful moment ensures unbelievable astonishment not only for the little guests of the Christmas Market at St. Emmeram Palace, but also tempts adults to many “Aah”s and “Ooh”s.

Mail to the "Fürstliches Christkind"

All younger children who visit the market get very excited for this news: From the beginning of the market, the "Fürstliches Christkind" has its own heavenly mailbox on the "Romantic Christmas Market!" This is located directly under the Christmas tree in the inner courtyard. Kids can bring their wish list, crafts or paintings to the "Fürstliches Christkind " in an envelope and drop it there. And of course, the Christkind will personally answer every letter, if a return address is included!


"Fürstliches Christkind" 2021

All current information regarding the “Fürstliche Christkind” can be found on the website and on our social media channels!

The „Fürstliche Christkind 2019“


Once being "Fürstliches Christkind" at the "Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn und Taxis Castle" - this dream has now come true for Amelie. The 22-year-old prevailed in an exciting casting against six applicants. This is how the casting worked.

Around 20 young girls wanted to audition for the demanding role. After a pre-selection, the seven most promising candidates of a four-member jury gathered around the organizer, Peter Kittel. One after another, the casting participants presented themselves and presented the serenely contemplative poem for the Christmas market. In particular, the angelic appearance, the sonorous voice and the enchanting charm play a significant role in the choice of the “Fürstliches Christkind”.


During the "Romantic Christmas Market" the " Fürstliches Christkind " warms the hearts of the visitors every day at 5.00, 6.00 and 7.00 pm on the big balcony in the inner courtyard of the castle. Likewise, it also visits social institutions and provides little joy to those who, due to their age, illness or disability, are unable to visit the "Romantic Christmas Market".

The "Fürstliches Christkind" visits...

Every year, the “Fürstliches Christkind” visits people who cannot come to the “Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn und Taxis Castle” due to age, illness or disability. The "heavenly visit" is completed with small gifts and a Christmassy poem by the "Christkind".

Institutions that are interested in a visit of the “Fürstliches Christkind” during the Advent season can apply for an appointment by sending an e-mail to info@vs-regensburg.de.

As the interest grows from year to year, we ask for your understanding that not every wish can be considered.